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Automatic Email Digests for Your Software Bugs


In this post you will learn how you can, with just a few clicks, set up your own personalized Digest Emails. Email Digests inform you of the current status of all problems found in your software (what a problem actually is I have explained in article About Error Reports, Problems, Bugs, and Projects). Email Digests can be sent daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly. You decide how often you would like to be informed of your current problems.

How do I decide what to include in the Email Digest

A Digest consists of any number of sections. For each section you can formulate a query whose results will form the content of that section.

Queries are a powerful tool and allow you to formulate complex searches. The intuitive UI provides you with optimal support for the creation of your Digests.

The image below shows you an example of how you can generate a daily Email Digest of all the problems that were reported in the last 24 hours.


Example project digest configuration with a single section definition

The example is very simple. With Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting you can include further conditions. For example you can, with just a few clicks, generate new sections
in which


Example of a complex problem query

Therefore, using the UI you can express complex queries quickly and in an uncomplex manner

In case you need to write more complex queries, you can do so using Lucene or Mongo QL

How does the finished Email Digest look?

With Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting you can completely specify the design of your reports. But of course, AER standard templates are supplied for your emails so that you can start immediately. The generated email for the first example Digest might then look like this:


Sample Project Digest Email

More information about how to search the query language and how you can create your own email templates can be found on the Email Digest Settings in Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting Server.

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