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Announcing Availability of Free Error Reporting Service for Eclipse Plugin Developers

What annoys software developers most? Probably when the tools they use Just Don’t Work. And it doesn’t matter what kind of software it is; or whether it’s open-source, or commercial. If it fails, it sucks. Users don’t show mercy. The same holds for the Eclipse IDE. In recent years, many users complained that Eclipse was way too buggy and [...]

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Code Snippets à la carte: Catalogs

Code snippets are one of the best tools when learning a new API. In particular when the API’s documentation is lacking (which it all too often is), access to example code is key to getting up to speed. This is where Ctrlflow Code Search Professional’s catalogs come in: They give you instant access to valuable code snippets for many [...]


More With Less: Aggregating Search Results

As highlighted in an earlier post, Ctrlflow Code Search Professional allows you to search for code snippets. Hence, it can immediately answer complex questions like “How to use a GridDataFactory:” At a single glance, the above search results give you a lot of information: There are two methods fillDefaults() and swtDefaults(), which [...]


Improved Search in Latest Eclipse IDE

With Eclipse Neon, the latest version of the Eclipse IDE (to be available for public download very soon, on 22 June 2016), search has seen small, but useful improvements. Since milestone 2, the Eclipse IDE allows your full-text searches to cover binary files as well. You can thus quickly search for a magic byte sequence. Unfortunately, [...]


Shortcuts for Searching in Eclipse

The Eclipse IDE makes searching for code very easy, both with built-in functionality and third-party plugins such as Ctrlflow Code Search Professional. This is even more true when using the various shortcuts, which this post will introduce you to. When searching for code, developers typically want to either find locations where, e.g., a [...]