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Hidden Gems: Automatically Reopen (Presumably) Fixed Problems


One topic that pops up from time to time is whether your Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting  server can automatically reopen a problem that was supposed to be fixed but still receives error reports in newer versions of your software. Luckily, Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting offers a simple yet powerful feature that allows you to do exactly that: Automated Actions.

An automated action consists of a set of conditions that, when satisfied, trigger one or more actions. Suppose you want to automatically reopen a problem that you thought was fixed in version 3.2.1 of your plug-in. To do so, simply go to the problem’s details page and add an automated action which sets the problem’s status to Reopened whenever Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting receives an error report referencing the plug-in in version 3.2.1 or later:

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 17.46.14

But automated actions are even more versatile. For instance, you can assign a “needs-review” tag to the problem and set up an email digest that notifies your QA team of all the problems tagged with needs-review. Check out the available actions dropdown and pick your set of actions as needed.

A few additional notes when using automated actions:

Do you have questions about conditions or do you miss an action? Get in contact with our support or on Twitter.

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