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Hidden Gems: Automatically Create Bug Reports


Ctrllfow Automated Error Reporting quickly tells you where your software breaks in the field. But regularly monitoring the stream of incoming error reports requires time and discipline. Setting up automated email digests helps, but sometimes it would be great if Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting could just create the bug reports for you.

Luckily, there exists a feature to do exactly that: The Create Bug Report Auto Action.

Suppose you’d like to automatically create a bug report in your JIRA, Bugzilla, or GitHub bug tracker as soon as an error was reported by at least five distinct users. To do so, simply go to your project page, scroll down to the Auto Actions panel, and add the following:



That’s it. Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting will now check all your problems and create bug reports for them as soon as the threshold of five reporters is reached.

Of course, you can have more complex conditions. The following example is taken straight from our Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting installation at the Eclipse Foundation: The Eclipse Marketplace Client projects wants to create bug reports only if a problem is unattended (its resolution is unconfirmed) and if it occurred with the latest version of Eclipse (≥ 4.6.0).


As you can see, the Create Bug auto actions makes it extremely easy to integrate Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting into your team’s bug tracking workflow.

Want to learn what else you can do with Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting’s auto actions? Read on.

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