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Improved Search in Latest Eclipse IDE


With Eclipse Neon, the latest version of the Eclipse IDE (to be available for public download very soon, on 22 June 2016), search has seen small, but useful improvements.

Since milestone 2, the Eclipse IDE allows your full-text searches to cover binary files as well. You can thus quickly search for a magic byte sequence. Unfortunately, this won’t work for JARs or other compressed archives, as in all likelihood the compressed byte sequence looks different than what you would be searching for.

Since milestone 7, the Java Development Tools (JDT) allow you to run References, Declarations, Read Access, and Write Access searches for multiple selections at once. This is particularly useful when one wants to learn about how to use a method with many overloads. Now you can just search for all references to any of the overloads and review the found locations.


Another improvement unfortunately did not make it’s way into the Eclipse Neon release: a faster index for JDT. Based on the pioneering work of the CDT project, a new index is supposed to make searches for Java code much faster, so you won’t have to wait for precious seconds when first opening the Type Hierarchy. Alas, as of this writing Bug 481796 is still being worked on.

Luckily, add-ons like Ctrlflow Code Search Professional already offer you lightning-fast searches through your Java code using sophisticated indexing of their own.


Try out for yourself by downloading the latest Eclipse IDE and installing Ctrlflow Code Search Professional on top.

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