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Introducing Dashboard Queries


Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting recently introduced project dashboards, whose detailed charts make it easy to track how effective projects are at fixing problems. With the introduction of dashboard queries, these dashboards have become even more useful.

For every project, you can define one or more custom queries, which will be presented prominently on the project’s dashboard, right next to the charts. This gives you easy access to those problems you want to keep an eye on at regular intervals.

How to Add a Query to Your Dashboard

To illustrate how this works, suppose that every week you reserve some time to scan the new problems that Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting caught for you in the past week. You thus regularly search for new problems that first occurred within the last seven days.

Let’s turn this search into a fixture on your project’s dashboard. To do so, click Edit Project. In the Dashboard Queries panel you can then add (and name) your query:

The Dashboard Queries panel with a New Last Week query configured

That’s it! Once you have saved your changes, the query is accessible directly from the project’s dashboard for you and your team mates.

The list of Dashboard Queries shown to the left of a chart

The New Last Week query on the project dashboard showing no new problems. Good work!

And, of course, you can also add queries to the dashboard of a whole project group; just click Edit Project Group on a project group’s dashboard and proceed as before.

Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting allows you to make your favorite project’s dashboard your start page. The project’s dashboard queries are hence just a single click away when you log in.

More Ideas

Here are some more suggestions for queries that make the most our of your project dashboards:

Have a look at our demo server to experience hands-on how to customize your dashboard with queries.

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