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Webinar: Setting up Automated Error Reporting for your own Eclipse plug-in



Eclipse Mars introduced an Automated Error Reporting Client to make it as easy as possible for users to report issues in the Eclipse IDE. Looking back, the Automated Error Reporter has been a great success. Since its inception more 350,000 Eclipse users reported more than 25,000 problems in the Eclipse Mars code base. Until Mars.2 release about 7,800 of these problems have been fixed (and still counting for Neon!).

With Eclipse Neon, Eclipse opens these error reporting APIs to the public; now everyone can collect error reports for their own plug-ins (whether commercial, free, or open source). This gives Eclipse plug-in and RCP developers the awesome opportunity to see almost instantly where their software breaks in the field and provides them with the necessary information to quickly fix those issues.

To help getting you started with the Eclipse Automated Error Reporting, Marcel Bruch, the project lead of the Automated Error Reporting Initiative (AERI) at Eclipse will walk you through the API and core concepts of the error reporting client, and show-case how to set up error reporting for your own Eclipse Plug-In or RCP Application –  and share some best practices and key insights learned from 12 months of analyzing automated error reports.

The webinar takes place on Friday, June 24, 2016 9AM EST / 3PM CEST.

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